Our Products
  Polycrystalline Solar Modules
  KM(P)295, KM(P)300
  KM(P)245, KM(P)250(Black Design)
  KM(P)245, KM(P)250
  KM(P54)220, KM(P54)225
  KM(P)140, KM(P)150
  Off-Grid Modules
  Monocrystalline Solar Modules
  KM295(6), KM300(6)
  KM245(6), KM250(6)(Black Design)
  KM245(6), KM250(6)
  KM220(6-54), KM225(6-54)
  KM145(6), KM150(6)
  KM200(Black Design)
  KM85, KM90
  More Mono 125 Modules
  Off-Grid Modules
  Solar System Products
  Solar Charge Controller
  Solar Home System
  Off-grid Solar System
  Solar Power Supply System
  Portable Solar Power Supply
  60W / 100W /140W Charger
  20W / 50W Power Supply
  100W Power Supply
  Solar Pump
  Solar Battery Trickle Chargers
  Solar Street Light
  LED Street Light (DC Power)
  DC LED Bulb / LED Tube
20W / 50W Power Supply
* It provides power for lighting and entertainment in remote area, such as lights, electric fans, refrigerators and TV sets;
* It can be used in emergency, such as family use, back-up power for office;
* It is suitable for camping, traveling, adventure, exploration, road building and other fields of outdoors performance.

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